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Last Day of 8th Grade!!! [
5/29/08 @ 3:07 pm
1st period was hilarious. We mainly just sat around talking and stuff (like we ever actually do anything in theatre) and I skipped 2nd 3rd and 4th to be in theater and sit around and talk some more. Mary's camera got stolen and she was /pissed/ and ended up getting into a fight. Jack is moving and Anna was crying (they're together....for now) and Jack was jerking Anna around and AnnaGrace got mad and was like, "OMG, stop doing that. Y'know my mom knows someone who was like that and he beat his wife" and he got mad and called her a Bitch, and then she got mad and started telling everyone. x_x; Drama on the last day of school is ridiculous. ><

and then in 5th period, I wanted to skip but Mr. Lind said no, and all we did was sit around and listen to our iPods. >> and I also had to stay in class, but all we did was talk and say our goodbyes to everyone. I skipped 7th and went to theater and I started crying cause that was the last day I had in Theater cause I'm not doing it anymore. Then in 8th, I ran into class and Jana was bawling and everyone was giving her hugs and I started sobbing right along with her (she's moving to florida) and I couldn't stop crying, and we went downstairs and watched this video of pictures of all the 8th graders and stuff and It had alot of pictures of Hannah and Jana (they're like BEST friends), and EVERYONE started crying from that around me. T________T which of course, made me start crying along with them. 

Then afterwards, Lander and Jana (together...until she moves) and Lander was like, a walking corpse, it was SO sad. and Jana and Lander looked so cute together. T_T It's so depressing . Lindsay also started crying cause she's going to a different highschool than everyone else and so did a bunch of other people. Eventually, they had to herd us onto the busses and I cried on the bus, too. and it was raining, too, and Rachel was like, "): The sky is crying, too..." 

but, I'm gonna be in highschool nect year. Guppy to Fish, maaan! x] I swear, though, I'm gonna get LOST in the school. x_X;

Ramen Time!


4/5/08 @ 3:39 pm


I fell asleep on the couch yesterday watching thrid watch, and I kept waking up like, ten minutes after it ended, so I had to keep putting it beck on like, half way (when I fell asleep) and replaying it. I did that like, 10 times, so it look FOREVER to watch the last like 10 minutes of the show. That one was really interesting, too. It was about Jimmy. 8D God, he's hott. -drools-

Anyway~ I fell asleep at about 4:30 and woke up at like, 5 to the dogs barking at lisa coming in the door, then I restarted third watch, woke up again at 6 to Ellie and Emily coming in the Door. Then I went back to sleep and woke up at 7. For some reason, though, I though I had slept the whole night on the couch, so I went upstairs and I was mad cause I had missed the special episode of Escape to Chimp Eden on Animal Planet(nerd). Then I went to bed, and I woke up and it was 2 am when I looked at my clock and I realized it was still friday when I had gone to bed last, so the I got even more mad because I could've stayed up and watched it. >< But then I watched it on DVR today, so I feel better. 

My dad went to the store today (snicker). He's getting steak and sake(to make the sauce for grilled steak) and he got stuff to make burritos and tuna casserole. and he got hot cheetos and enviga.(awesome) he's not home yet though, so I dunno if he actually found sake in the store. :/ 

There's this ad on the page advertising Betty Crockers cake, and it's making me want Vanilla cupcakes. >>

anywho. I have Mrs. Fisher for TAKS testing. T_T but it's okay, cause moira and a bunch of other people are in my class, including (COUGHCOUGHCHOKEHACKCOUGH) Brandon. (: I went from having the biggest pushover teacher ever, Mr. Heyer, so the strictest teacher, Ms. Myhusbandsspiritareinmyseagullshangingfrommyceilingsodontdoanythingstupid. Creepy. o.-

I got commended on my reading taks, though, everyone in the 8th grade passed at our school. xD

OMG, Talent show. I wore these 3 inch heals all day at school, then I wore them for the talent show, so I wore them from 7am to 9pm (15 HOURS!) and I took them off at home and my feet have been hurting for three days. ;~;

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3/31/08 @ 10:00 pm
[ mood | =D Yay ]


A toast for the great bassist of Dir en grey, Toshiya.  You're 31, and still sexy. (with your mushroom head)

We love you!!! =DDDDD


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Venting [
2/22/08 @ 5:34 pm
 Annyong haseyo!!!

Alice in Wonderland... we're performing it next week on thursday at 7. You should come. =.=

Next tuesday... We have to go to langam creek after school to practice on their stage for the competition. Competition's on Saturday. 

Ms. Garner... She's been picking favorates lately, and I was doing my homework, which I like, never do in that class cause I do it all in 7th (lib. asst), and everyone was doing theirs too, and she came up to me and scolded me. Of course, I got pissy and walked out of the room and sat on the stage for a while. 
The I fell asleep in class, cause y'know, I have theatre 1st, so of course I, and everyone else, is gonna be tired, and Annd had he head on my lap, sleeping too, and she yelled at /me/. >> I just kinda expect it now, though, and just kinda tune her out.

Josh... >> God, I found out last year that he liked me cause Julia accidentally told me, and he asked me out the other day. Of course I said no, but then he started showing up in the library everyday. It's.... really creepy. I don't even want to be /friends/ with him anymore.

and That brings us to my latest crush.... I don't know for sure his name, but I think it's Brandon. He's in 8th grade. He's really tall and has short blond hair, and blue eyes. xP He's cute. I had to go into 7th period theatre one day, because I had taught everyone in 1st the Crazy ninja game, and Ms. Garner told me to come on an off period, so I came 7th, and he was in that class. It was a beginner class with 7th and 8th graders. Lauren was there too. (she's in advanced 1st), and she helped teach them. The guys were so much nicer than the ones in 1st. >> I know most of them...

Ms. Garner's Mental Breakdown... Her 5th and 6th period intermediate classes just had two plays last night, and those two are both her worst classes, so I can see why she exploded. 

Brittany... she transferred to Spillane. Her mom made her go there because she didnt like that all of her friends at goodson were all, "Goth" and "a bad influence". She said she hates it there. all the people in that theatre class are mean to her. She hasn't mentioned having any friends, and I've been asking her to look for some people I know that go to Spillane. She hasn't seem to find any of them. >> Like Zach! He used to be my neighbor. I asked her to find him and tell him I said hi, but she keeps forgetting, or saying she doesnt just want to approach some random guy she doesnt know and ask him his name. I would...


It's been really ugly outside lately. and cold. :/ 

List of Good Drama's I've seen lately: Winter Sonata, Coffee Prince, Mars, They Kiss Again (It Started with a Kiss 2), A Millionaires First Love, Nana, Nana 2.
Site for finding them: http://www.mysoju.com/
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2/16/08 @ 2:40 pm
[ mood | cheerful ]


and For Kaoru tomorrow:


and for Shinya on the 24th:


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1/18/08 @ 5:47 pm


Watch the difference:

Perfume's first PV

Perfume's Latest PV 

Back then, you could actually tell what their voices sounded like. o:

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1/3/08 @ 6:38 pm

whoo~! Pink profile~

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11/10/07 @ 9:03 am
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11/3/07 @ 1:29 am
 -.-  < This smiley looks like it's saying, "Poo".

11/3/07 @ 1:27 am

Ashley took my ISWAK and now I have nothing to do. :/ 

and she's like 

no where done. 

Guh, half asleep~

10/20/07 @ 9:55 am
[ mood | w00t~! ]

New Layout ~<3

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10/13/07 @ 10:39 pm
 Aha, Anna was in a bad mood the other day and for some reason, her mood affects the whole class, and so everyone was like, "Bleh..." that day. xD

Twas funny.

my nose itches.

...scratch it?
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10/13/07 @ 7:34 pm

my hands smell like Dana. o.-

....and skittles. O.O;

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10/13/07 @ 7:28 pm
 Heh, people on Gaia are starting to call me Jack cause I'm dressed up as him. xD; 

It's cold outsiiiiide. (:

I just had enviga and wheat thins.

Good moods rock. (:

.... (:

-feels like going to beach SO bad-

Abby's going to the beach tonight. :/ I wanna jump into her trunk and go.... but they'd hate me forever.


Abby takes birth control....

....and not to regulate her period, either..... scary. ._.;


AHA It's a smiley. -.....-

DUUUUUUDE. I saw these two hott asian guys at wal mart today. They looked like brothers..... they were so adorable. ;~;

-sighs- The sky was rainbow a few minutes ago but i went inside for like, a minute and came back in and it was gone. :/ DAMN THE NIGHT TIME. D:< 

...takin away mah rainbows. :/

10/12/07 @ 3:25 pm










-takes out random doll and rips out it's hair-



They just HAPPENED to put my favorate songs by those bands on it! D<

It /ruined/ the songs for me. ><


I hate bleach. =.= I used to love it until it got to the part where rukia was arrested, then it got SO boring and it's kinda turning out to be ALOT like Inuyasha. :/ Seriously, they need to get it over with, get rukia, ichigo makes out with her, and happy ending. It's over. Same with Inuyasha, but they kinda already have made out. o.o


back to my TUNSA homeworks. :/
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10/10/07 @ 5:45 pm
 Why was the pirate bored?


give up?

'cause he was lathARRRgic. AHAHAHHAHA GET IT!?!?!?!? xD (lathargic means bored... o.o; )

My black sista fran made dat up. (:
w00t~!'s FOR MARY
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10/10/07 @ 5:43 pm

FOMG. I ALMOST got to keep a rabbit my neighbor found. ....but it had fleas. :/ 



10/4/07 @ 4:37 pm

GAH ><


9/28/07 @ 5:26 pm

 Teen drama....

teen FREAKIN drama.

Good lord, my friends are so ridiculous. 

I have like 12 friends split up into like, 4 groups all hating the other groups. I don't even know why! Tristin and her boyfriend Alex just came up to me in the hall the other day and asked my, "Why is everyone in such a bad mood today? I was walking with Brittany and Kelsey came up and she completely flipped out and walk away." I laughed and asked around and found out.

This school year has been so hilarious. I'm doing a pirate play for theater and most all of my teachers are awesome....





I SWEAR she's the devil in disguise. I heard she used to have these seagulls that she said had the spirit of her dead husband in them and whenever anybody did something wrong, they'd tell her. -shudders-

Algebra's like, one of my best subjects too, can't say it's my favorate, though. MAYBE it would be if I didnt have Mrs. Fisher and if you were only counting the main subjects. My favorite is and will always be theater arts. 







NOT a playboy bunny. and I'm not talking about my part in the play. Anna crowned me the bunny pirate cause I do this little nose twitchy thing and everyone says it makes my look like a bunny.




the bunny pirate. :D



dunno what else to say.

I dun remember if I said this, but my mom was in a mental institute for 3 months. They found out she's bipolar, too..

...not gonna get too much into that.



You know it's bad when you've never met your mom. [
6/20/07 @ 6:59 pm

Yesterday when I got home from shopping at Willowbrook with Abby and my Grandparents, I found my mom all doped up laying on the floor, so I called my grandparents and they came and got me and took me back to their place and then I called my dad to let him know what was going on. I stayed at their place until about 9 pm and I went home and stayed up until about 3 am, then went to sleep. 

I woke up at about 7:30 am today and heard my parents fighting. x_x It went on until my grandmother came over at about 9 am, so I went back to sleep and then I woke up around 10 am and they were all still fighting, so I just stayed in my room listening to them. 

I fell asleep, but my dad woke me up at 11:30 and told me he was going to take my mom to the psychiatrist and I'd be home alone for a while, and so I was and at about 3 pm, I went to my grandparent's house to eat, ands I found out my mom tried to kill herself again. X______X;;

My dad found her taking it out of the closet and stopped her, setting it off and now there's a bullet hole in the closet from it. D=

So he took her to the docter and they put her in the Rehab place she was in last time. She'll be there for a few days then she's being transfered to an Asylum for up to 7 months. @_@

He's taking her her stuff right now, and Travis is over making chicken with Abby (OH GOD, ABBY'S COOKING). So. Nice day, huh? (:

But I'm going to the beach with Ashley on Saturday, so I'll be okay. 

I'm actually not sad about it though. Oh, and for the title of this post, My Grandparents said she's hasn't been herself for the last 13 years. -cough-I'm almost 13 -cough- ._.;; They tell me my REAL mom would never EVER yell that way to ANYONE and she used to be so cheerful. =/ I wish she never drank. Then maybe I would have a chance at getting to know my mom. 

I hope the asylum's treatments work. They're gonna try and clean up her brain.


byebye for now.

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